A lot of ladies don’t even know that they get a choice of weft type when first purchasing quality virgin human hair. They often wonder what is a hair extension weft? What is a machine weft hair? Which feature does a machine weft hair have? However, we always post about what hair extensions to get, we hardly discuss about the different types of hair extension wefts available. If you want to know what a hair extension weft is, then spending some minutes to read our following short guide.

What is a machine weft hair?

Machine weft hair is not a esasy term to understand as well as distinguish from other terms.

The type of hair extension weft can determine how natural your hair extensions look when clipped in. All ladies want to own a natural appearance after adding hair extensions. Therefore, people value Remy human as the best choice. The explanation is that they are sewn onto the hair extension wefts are facing in the same direction for a seamless finish. Another type of hair extension wefts that are highly appreciated is: machine- weft hair.

Anka Hair’s products- natural wavy machine weft hair

In a simple definition, machine weft hair is that hair which is wefted by machine. The hair is usually single or double wefted. This means that the hair is sewn together by machine to create a tracking effect and the clips are sewn on after. The notable feature of weft hair is that they are sewn together, facing the same direction. And they can create the most natural-looking results with your hair extensions. Machine- weft hair is really an ideal choice for ladies

Type of machine weft hair-remy human hair

The advantages of a hair extension weft

It seems that weft hair can bring users so many benefits. Maybe it is a reason why many people put their trust in weft hair. In this article, we want to introduce you some main advantages of hair extension weft. If you are experimenting with them, you can share your own feelings in the comment section below. We are so high- appreciated of that

  • The biggest benefit of machine weft hair is that fact that you can cut them without the hair shedding excessively. This allows for less margin for error when installing them.
  • More stylists are familiar with Machine wefted hair because of their availability
  • Moreover,the hair extension weft comes in a variety of uses. It’s the highest quality of wefts and the most versatile, therefore, you can trim and style the hair to blend in with your natural locks, without tampering the condition of the wefts.

Learn more about a machine weft hair

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