Having 10 years of experience in Human Hair Industry, Anka Hair JSC is among the top hair manufacturers in Vietnam with premium quality and customzied services for clients worldwide. All of Anka Hair’s items receive full commitment and attention with the support of latest advanced technologies. Bulk hair is the best selling product offered by the company, which contributes to Anka Hair’s reputation. Let’s look through the reasons that create these Bulk hair products’ popularity.

Bulk hair products at Anka Hair

Material and quality

All of the company’s products, including Bulk hair are 100% remy virgin human hair guaranteed. It means that the hair bundles are shiny, silky, tangle and sheddy free, which undergo no process or harsh chemicals. You may find the full cuticle layer intact from root to end and all the strands are at the same length. Moreover, all hairs are shampoo washed, non-remy removed without nits, lace or insects.

The company’s Bulk hair is 100% remy virgin human natural hair


Anka Hair offers Bulk hair at the size from 30 to 80 centimeter, and other length are available upon request. Therefore, You can choose between natural black or brown products. The company also supply two lines of them. Single drawn and Double drawn bulk hair. Both are of premium quality which are manual produced by Anka Hair’s most skillful and conscientious craftmen. We assure that you- our custuomers will sastify with our high-qualified products as well as our professional

Bulk hair of different sizes at Anka Hair

Textures and styles

You may find straight, wavy and even curly Bulk hair here of both single drawn and double drawn line. With the strong nature, Anka Hair’s products can be raw materials for any styling processes with hot tools such as ironing, bleaching or coloring. After these harsh treatments, the products still remain its natural look and feel.

Anka Hair’s curly double drawn bulk hair


These products own a rather long lifespan under proper maintenance. If you nurture your hair in the right ways, it may last up to one year or even more without wearing out. You may soon that Anka Hair’s items really worth their cost.

Actually, taking care of hair extensions in proper way is quite easy. It is absolutely difficult as many people think. Firstly, you need some brushes and combs that are suitable for hair extensions such as wide tooth comb, looper brush, fine tooth comb, bristle brush. Secondly, you can notice of washing hair extensions with proper conditioner and shampoo. Especially, you have to dry your hair naturally. Finally, if you don’t use hair extensions temporarily, you should store them in clear and dry box.

Bulk hair can remain its quality if proper cared


Price is another feature of the company that attracts to clients. We are so proud of this. Because comparing with some other suppliers, you may find Anka Hair’s products rather cheap, regarding their high quality. Prices are customzied to each type of Bulk hair and suit every customer’s budget.

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